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#4   apostolic intrudereMailHomepage10.03.2011 - 20:49
thats ****** playing his music, ***, h** uh *** ****** ****, *** ****** ******, back, but, face, ****, thats happy ******, *** somewhat, ****** ****, silhouette, and, ***** appears, ****, ****** rubbed her, chin, ***, ****, silhouette face dinosaur shaped head, *** ****, ***, i'm, *** ******** of ******, ****, it, *****, pointed, at, *** self, ****** *****, *** ********* ********of****** ***** taking on, *** form, ****** ****, ***res whiskers, *** ****, thats, it, lets, *** it in, ****** ****, thats ***** dreading going into room, ****, *** all *** ******** of ******, websites ****** ****, i'm *** one ***** ****, pointed at *** self, but face kept changing, even colors, ****** looked stunned, thats her, going to, ***, Christ temple apostolic faith assembly, ****** ****, thats *** mo***r church of, ***, **** ******, stamped, pentecostal assemblies of *** world, g.t. haywood appeared, thats bob, at, ***, ***, a.b.s.a. meeting **** ALL THOSE ****** ****, p.a.w. pastors, ***y, thats one, rubbing chin, hate, but wont, allow it, *** charles, ****** *****, ***y let bob come around, but, thats u.p.c.i. pastors, ***ing ****** out of ***ir church, thats, what I want, ****** ****, ***, wore uh, ***, red plad coat, but, changed into, ***, ***s hammer, agin ****** ****, thats, ***, h**, uh, *** ****** ****, appeared **** light ****** showing, bob lets go, *** *****, but clapped, and changed into, *** **** cartoon character ******, he, beat his, *** ****, ****, ***, things in grandfa***r clock, you wind it, up, ******, *****, **** ***, long, cymbols, *** neil pert of, *** rush, all three of ***m appeared, he taps on ***m *** ****, thats, h** playing drums,
Jesus showed me in visions spirits that looked like people and they said: 3-13-2011-bob said, it hollie, she said, another said, showed, record, she, said, thats, the ministry of dreams, angel appearing like, its uh, blue faced angel, hollie spoke, i'm the ministry of dreams angel said, showed, his site, hollie said, its the freeservers ministryofdreams webby hollie spoke, thats hollie spoke, she said, the, ministryofdreams, website, showing, its, the, whole new world order, hollie said, lets rule the world, said, putin, three ribs appear, in, his mouth, hollie and God did say, thats, putin at table with nicaraguan president, his, country burns, but thats him shaking yes, signing, its uh deal with, me, medvedev spoke, hollie said, then, thats, mexican president and cuban presidents all agreeing, looking stout and happy but signing, thats nuclear fires in, both, their lands, but, missiles leaving, its, akula class, said, hollie, stomping like, thats what you wanted, need, she, said, thats, hand points, hollies body there, but, changed, its to she said, dark brown, gulf coast states of america burning, then all of america appears, and both coasts burn, its from, them, pointed, hollie, rubbed her chin, its, akula class she said, submarines all around, its, him, she, spoke, being lifted out of, thats center of america exploding and, its, gabriel flying like light angel, its chinook hollie said, but gabriel, shows, fires in, all nuclear n.a.t.o. lands, and, thats russia exploding, its from him hollie did convey, spoke, thats angry barack obama pressing, its the, nuclear button, thats massive fire in moscow, and many smaller ones, shared hollie, but, rubbed her chin, thats dragon rising, its i'm the beast, the dragon serpent said, thats beast, like angel of light, its, at, catholic church hollie spoke, was there, wearing, its uh red plad coat, but changed into, its him, another hollie spoke, Gods hammer hollie like, theres blue, in his face, she thought, round head, blue clothes, but different shades, this is, vision, please post, said, hollie, speaking for, Gods hammer hollie, she, said, Jesus, spoke, hollie said, whats hollie screaming for, she said, screamed again, pointed, its God hollie spoke, this is, uh warning, hollie did say, she said, showed, bob eat something, hollie tore up, like uh bear hollie, to the side, she said, showed, its, popes drawing, he smiled, she said, bobby, go home, and, lay down, jumpy hollie said, write the vision, lets make it plain, hollie said, appeared, with, blue face, but, Gods hammer hollie appeared to, like blue round head saith the LOrd, hollie pointed, turn, like lighted ghost hollie, another, hollie showed, turn again, she said, bobby, lets see, said, it, hollie, another, one, said, hollie showed, work, thats hollie appearing, its in hand, in dome, hollie said, theres lighted outline and black background, hand showed, you did not need it, its hollie showed, I'm the hollie from his dome with orange hair, hollie showed, record, hollies screamin for, this reason, she, spoke, thats bobs taperecorder, and angel coming out, showed, buy, its new, thats brand new ministryofdreams taperecorder, its mini hollie spoke, God said, thats hollie tap dancing, but they stood still, hollie looked at its pope, she, said, he, its wearing uh brown suit, she said, they held hands then hollie started tap dancing again, Jesus did say, spoke, hollie said, that was hu hintao, in line of kings, then, others appeared, its the whole new world order hollie spoke, bobby hollie showed, just push buttons, down, it wont hurt, she said, turned taperecorder on, but angel appeared where speaker is, hollie showed, turn, hollie spoke, no, said, it, hollie, she, said, I showed i'm thru, she, said, but shook, yes, then showed, away, God said, hollie came out, showed, lay down, bob, she said, showed, lay down, but clapped like lighted gloved hands, but, body disappeared but was there,

#3   the religious studenteMailHomepage10.03.2011 - 20:47
abcde fag alfja[er ia

#2   apostolic bond servanteMailHomepage10.03.2011 - 20:19
****** ****** ******, and I stamp, *** ****, ****** ****, and, up rose, ***, ***, post ***** ****** ****, ****, ***s hammer man, ***, h**, ******, **** dot head, wearing, ***, blue, ****** ****, sweatshirt, and clo***s, but lighter, *** it *****, ****** ****, *** ****, ***** ****** ****, bob wait ****** ****,
bob, said, it hollie she said, God spoke, but jumpy hollie appeared, put it under, hollie said, thats byron, hes johnson, hollie said, and he will, talk to you, about, you dress, johnson said, like this, nice, he showed, or dont come here, but, its the, other pastor, hollie said, from, its, she said, stamped, and new wineskin ministries, building appears, put him out, he said, lets, but, hollie showed, be quiet, dont answer, they will, said, hollie, mark, she said, put you out, for little or no reason hollie said, bobby, put it under, two hollies said, God said, dont go to church, any, nomore,

#1   mystery pentecostaleMailHomepage10.03.2011 - 20:10
***** ****** me in ******* spir*** that looked **** people and ***y ****: 3-9-10-?-****** ******, fight, *** war *** ****, and ***s hammer ****** appeared, *** **** round head ****** ****, but not quite, s**ilar *** ****** ****, no ***** ****, thats uh crash test dummy, ****** ****, he appeared *** ****, *** ****, *** it ***** ****** ****, ****** bob go into a.a. Meeting, *** had on uh *** *****, burgundy sweatshirt, but has on, *** uh red plad coat at meeting, and tunred into h**,
hollie showed record, and I stamp, she said, hollie said, and, up rose, its, the, post angel hollie said, like, Gods hammer man, its, him, hollie, like dot head, wearing, its, blue, hollie said, sweatshirt, and clothes, but lighter, put it under, hollie said, God said, spoke hollie said, bob wait hollie said,

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