heaven is not real Jesus told me like hell, the holy Ghost told me he make them up


10-3-2010-bob change your links, said, hollie, thats, hollie, working, on, its, computer, she, said, showed, its, bob, eat, hollie, said, and, I, we stamp, hollie, said, bob, thats, computer, said, hollie, its, pay computer, or hollie showed, its, laptop, use, hollie, said, wearing, plad coat, while its, theres, still time, hollie, said, thats, people, running, the streets, its, lootin, hollie, said, bob, brand new raptor, said, Jesus, thats, captain hollie, soaring, she, hollie said, in his, its f-35 strike jet, they are, detectable, hollie said, thats him said partial face hollie, looking at radar with his plad coat on, theres, light, then, it, disappears and bounces, thats how that, works, it, deflects, thats rocket going up to intercept, it misses, it, every time, hollie said, cause its radar cant, lock on, hollie said, its worth the money, hollie, said, hollie showed, eat, turn, she, showed, this the warning, said, hollie, that, girl she, said, thats, her knocking on door, dont let her in, its, him, said, partial face hollie, thats, hollie, in, said, hollie, its, chinook said, partial face hollie, he showed, lay down, hollie, whats he doin, said, its, me, a she hollie said, he, wore plad coat, showed, lay down, hollie, its, fastin, she, said, put it, under, hollie said, showed, lay down, herself, man its time you better git up, said, it, hollie, said, partail face hollie, showed, it, leave it alone,
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