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    11-4-2011-bob the Lord is destroying, hollie and dorreen, said, put it under, hollie showed, time, white clothes on, put one hand on other arm, you need, bobby let me, hollie said, its wrinkles underneath mouth, both, they go, away, hollie said, thats them filling, bob eating again, its janette, hollie showed, she appeared, hands raised, fist, like bear hands, thats sex but shes not wanting you but stays with, just watch, thats both living in church, shes got plad red coat on but stays, both laying down, bobby hollie showed, bobby hollie shook, its new way, shes, thats her at laundromat thinking about it, hes nice but I dont want, she thought, hey theres Gods new hammos, many children running around, you seem like that type to her but she changes her mind, thats you and her at computer and she talks and pulls your stuff up, thats, hollie with Jesus inside, she knows, its uh trip she said, put it under, hollie showed, lay down, but got back up, clapped hands, then her face went blank, hollie whistled, thats hollie like golden dot head, black feet, showing, pointing up, its girl, shes interested now, but, they talk later, thats your black horse, hollie said, its pope, raise your hands and repeat after another sang, she appeared, burgundy sweatshirt on, a little over weight, he said, sleep, showed, jumpy hollie, but it was another, leaping, new economy, its bankrupt, God said, thats the vision, hollie said, theres, hey Gods new hammo looking like caught, dark red plad coat on, barack makes the anouncement, its under economic hardships he said, hollie there with, she laughs, skirt like dress on, different colored shirt, hollie screamin, she said, but only turned hand, looked next time, hollie showed, its wrinkle, thats hands with rag, showing, its rubbed out, but smooth later, its take, hollie thought, many attempts, thats everybath, bob scrubbing, whats that, hollie said, showed, with big white hand, another, its un 1973 she said, cutlas supreme, its, lets motor, hollie said, drove, like angelic hollie, brown hair, spun tire, this is uh warnin hollie said, showed, shut mouth, write the vision, hollie said, bob, its, thats, you with janette, living at, its, new world order apostolic church, round head angel, hollie showed, you see, its front part of building, coming out, hollie showed, turn, but then thought, showed, go another way, but not home yet, hollie showed, turn, showed, bobby eat somemore, go to, mcdonalds, stamps, hollie, but mostly disappeared, scene spun, she ate there, thats janette with, just watch, she said, jumpy hollie said, clapping and jumping, golden monkey lips but mostly dark, theres light in, like, features, he said, jumpy hollie said, clapping, leaping, alaska, angel said, thats same angel like royalty riding, missile, hollie like nigger on, other, its, into over, that, hollie said, alaska exploded, thats, putin with, its nuclear controls, write the vision, hollie said, you see another, said, thats her scrubbing out lines, thats, smooth skin afterwards, hollie like uh doggie hollie, showed, bob go in, hes nice, its uh burgundy sweatshirt on but hey theres Gods new hammo hollie said, like blue angelic being coming out of body, longer kneck like teardrop, but not quite hollie thought, showed, its, the original, queen mary, its, still there, she said, thats ship in california, its, hollie thought, face appeared on, i'm the queen mary, angelic face said, happy, hollie showed, turn, prophesy, its Jesus, laughed, hollie, showed, bob go to speedway, hollie got drink, happy, another came out, showed, light in hollies mouth, its janette at home with you soon, thats you and her in back bedroom, sissy, wont let but does, you see hollie said, she put, its tape around pipes, thats angel coming in, turning furnace on, it works, hollie said, it, keeps water in pipes, bobby it will cost you about, hollie thought, raise your hands, hollie sang, tap dancing, like ghost like hollie, different color lighted hollie, fifty dollars, per roll, it, takes two God said, submarines over there, hollie said, now look, she said, its nigger, another, said, thats three, its ohio class appearing and its china burning, but, thats missiles sailing and its taiwan exploded, thats hintao, thats, hollie and its hintao on red horse, battling, its washington state, another, hollie flys out, shes light face, like somewhat feature less, hollie said, its old world war two fighter jet, but, she showed, and changed to like doggie hollie, thats her diving, its ship, bomb hits front part, ship, its repelled, hollie showed, with hands, feet, kicked, git outta here, but, rest not seen but she appeared like brand new bodily, hollie, like, bear hollie, like, its dull she said, brownish color, showed, eat something else, light in mouth, your wanted on the phone, hollie said, its, her, God said, janette wants uh new home, she stays there with bob, hollie like new doggie like hollie, had, its roll of, thats, hollie putting on, pipes, its water pipes in basement, plugging in, and, thats heats them up, but hey, its, thers Gods new hammo, hollie like, lighted face hammer, hollie, its, hollie said, hollie showed, fix tire, its going, bad, hollie showed turn, big amber lighted hand, but, its him, showed, keep going straight, but hey another, said, he, his hands not seen, prophet hickman, go and git more drink, hollie said, showed, like doggie hollie,11-6-2010-website, said, its hollie said, partial face hollie, hollie showed, walk, now, its, said, a white face partial face hollie, God said, but face not easy to make out, hollie walked in plad coat, had brown hair, Jesus showed record, hollie said, and, I, stamp, hollie said, thats beast pope running, she said, like angel dot head, thats the, outdoors sound, said, hollie, its, sandy said, wiped lips, soumby, hollie said, hollie tore up, its, from behind, like uh wild hollie, hollie screamed, why, its what for bobby she said, screamed, bob look, said, it hollie, said, another, new hollie like white face, but hard to, make out, hollie showed, its, van parked, she fixed, shut hood, lets motor, she said, drove, what is hollie screamin for, she is wantin to record, said, hollie, screamed, she said, update your flash drives, hollie showed, its hard drive, hollie stamps, its, o, said, another, hollie coming out, hand over, mouth, she, looks at, bob, he recorded, she, shook, yes, hollie snapped fingers, looked at bob, whats that, said, Jesus, hollie showed, its, flash drive, bob had 16 now, hollie, wanted more, still, looked, hollie, stamped, thats, its, she said, new world order, stagecoach coming out, its black, theres pope like angel of light, hi bobby he said, thats hu hintao, its, on, his side, said, happy hollie, showed, bob go to church, you see these two, said, hollie, they will want to rule the world, thats, the, king, hollie points, its partial face hollie, like happy, hollie, theres, horns, turns into pope, thats ram with, putins face, hollie pulls up sleeves, hey pointed another, hollie coming out, its abrutly, said, Jesus, thats partial face hollie, not just hollie, hollie showed, turn, then showed, just, keep going, but, only part of her, there, both times, thats little fan with hollie coming out, bob buy one she, said, hollie showed, turn, bob, do said, hollie, thats, hollie putting, on, radio stuff, doing, broadcast, its uh strike fighter, said, hollie, flew, soared, showed, its p-40, curtass warhawk fighter jet, thats, hollie dropping bombs, thats america exploding, in, its near there pointed, hollie, center, another, hollie came out, face, not, happy, she, Notices, hollies face was like silhouette but was starting to appear, hollie claps, hollie showed, its curtass p-40 jet, she flew, 357 miles per hour, hollie closes scene up, thats her, being, honest, she got word, showed, its, from him, it, was not reliable, in high altitudes, thats p-40 jets flying over, its mountains, in china, crashed, many said, hollie, hollie said, mostly hidden partial face hollie, playing his music, come near, he said, wearing, its uh white robe, showed, hands, but partial hollie face dimly faded, in, boo, chanted, its him, said, hollie, its pope, said, hollie, and, its, black new world order stagecoach, thats hu hintao, on, the other side, you see, these two, said, partial face hollie, her head above, its, both beasts, she showed,
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