11-24-2012-bob, hollie said, popped one hand on other amr, Gods new hammo sang, he was angelic being, turned to the side a little, but hollie showed, dark background, its hollie, like uh bear, theres, hollie said, Gods new hammo sang, hes turned to side, outlined angelic being, hollie showed, its uh dark background, theres, that one, hollie said, its, Gods new hammo sang, raise your hands and repeat after me, its piano on titanic, its, theres angel head above, looking down, hes roundish, hollie screamed but not heard, looked, hollie showed, to turn, its uh he hollie, casey monster, said, hollie showed, turn into speedway, 11-25-2012-bob, hollie said, showed time, put one hand on other arm, Gods new hammo sang, hes angelic being, but, new hollie looks, bob its miss spelled word, hollie looked to turn, its a him hollie, casey monster said, she reappeared, just head, but hollie, came out, her eyes not seen but appeared, strange, hollie said, hollie screamy for that reason, go home, bob, take bath, hollie saw, om, the m.v., its his ship again, thats, m.s. wilhelm gustloff ship, its angel on board, like shipmate, saluted, a, its, third reich style, its van turning around, theres van hammo like, Gods new hammo sang, two hammos, van hammo, like lighted round head on hood, Gods new hammo like just angelic being, bob go get, its wife, 11-26-2012-bob all I did was nothing but tempt you by destroying your face over twenty years and deseasing your gums and trying to make you perish saith the Lord, now im in trouble with people, they want me to resign as God and people do it, its the great falling away, and caused by bob hickman, cause I Jesus the Lord saved him to make him perish my self like I did my servant JOB, hollie looked to turn, its uh him hollie casey monster said, she, bob its, group hammo, hollie and God said, hes, angelic lighted head, being, but like, let me get outta here, he said, Jesus comes out, hollie screamy for, showed, wouldnt tell reason, hollie showed, keep going straight, it was uh him, hollie, bobby thats shave, its, speedway gas station, hammo appearing, hes, bluish round head, hollie, he showed, jog in place, its him flying, its, starfighter jet, she hollie said, 11-27-2012-bob, hollie said, pop, she put one hand on other arm, buts Gods new hammo sang, hes angelic being, hollie showed, its uh dark background, bob its facebook hammo appearing, God and hollie said, hes seeming a little down, like angel man with some golden in, theres Gods hammo singing, hes outlined man but same oh hammo, thats dark background, hollie showed go, but rubbed chin, he showed turn, bobby, casey said, shes heavier now, God said, hollie showed, turn, his not seen but it appeared, like gloved, lighted outlines appeared around, its white, with design in, like, michael jackson, wore, 11-28-2012-bob, hollie said, showed time, place hand on other arm, but hey wait, she said, theres Gods hammo, he sang, hollie showed, its uh dark background, but she made a popping noise, bob, hollie showed, its Gods very new hammo, hes white angel man, little heavier, turned to side, hes got golden like stripe in, but hes light angel, theres Gods hammo singing, hes like same, but oulined in gray, hollie showed, its dark background, hollie showed, turn, showed, bob, go on highway, Gods hammo was singing, hes angelic being, like glow in dark man, hollie showed, rinse more, new hollie, red sweatshirt on, dark pants, like grayish brown, that, screamed hollie, pointed up, its he hollie, new stealth fighter jet, its, same as old one, its british, Gods hammo sang, thats it dropping bombs, thats warfare, many nuclear explosions in, its the, russian empire, hollie stamps, world spins like uh flag, but changing to checkered, black and white, hollie screamed, looking up but eyes closes, this is uh, warning, hollie said, showed, sleep but got back up, clapped hands, bob, its moodie fucking janette again, just watch, thats, hollie going like bug face, bluish, hollie showed turn, his hand golden but showed, keep going straight, hand went light bluish,11-3-2010-hollie showed record, had golden color, in, face, and, I, we stamp, she, said, wearing, its, blue, she, said, sweatshirt, thats, its, angel pope beast, hollie said, running, out, thats, its the, leader of, magog, hollie said, its, hu, hintao, and, I, we, stamp, hollie said, thats it, new world order, carriage, its stagecoach, its red on this side, hollie smiles, shows, teeth, with hu hintao, on, we want to, rule the world, said, hintao, pope like angel of light, shakes, yes, hollie claps, shows, git food, outta dumpster, she wore plad coat, bob, said, Jesus, thats, hollie walking, wearing, plad coat, going to, and I stamp, hollie said, thats new wineskin ministries, she, hurried, she looked, afraid, but sat down, its, was, accepted, hollie said, thats new ministry of dreams account, hollie said, its blogtalk radio, its gitting powerful, hollie said, thats blogtalk angel like white face angel happy, with like darker hair, sort of, green, hollie said, turned, head, its, o, said, hollie, coming out, theres, its like spec, she, said, thats, lighted hand, pointing, but, hollies body dimly faded in, hollie had hand over mouth again, looked at, bob, shook yes, he recorded, I'm blogtalk radio said angel, but face changed, it turned, hollie said, silhouette, hollie showed, eat, thats it, said, hollie, its, new world order stagecoach with pope running out, like angel of light, hollie looks in, sees, its black on that side, hu hintao, lets rule the world, he said, theres, pope, like angel, man, turns, into, putin, three ribs, appear, in, his mouth, hollie, said, theres countries appearing on, like mexico, cuba, and nicaragua, thats them all appearing, missiles striking and, submarines in their waters, its they shower said hollie, thats hand pointing, but, hollies body, dimly appeared, she said, gulf coast of america burning, thats hollie rising out of america, big, happy, its him, said, partial face hollie, she, showed, pocket taperecorder, her picture appeared on, get ready, for, nuclear war, said, hollie, and, partial face hollie, appeared, wearing, its blue, sweatshirt, thats big nuclear fireball, flames had eyes, its hollie inside, hes, happy, its, in, center of america, same hollie in nuclear fire is flying copter, angel hangs by rope, center of america exploded, submarines appeared all around, its, on the day of the Lord, said, him, said mostly silhouette face partial face hollie, thats, angel happy, but, not friendly looking, thats mostly silhouette face partial face hollie showing many like, its lit dot head people marching, wearing coats, chanting, we want loot, holding, a, sign up, its, no, social security, pension insurace failed, they are angry, its under, grunts, barack obama, wiggles tie, appears, happy, but, doesnt care, economic collapse, hollie said, put it under, hollie said, lets said, Jesus, sprinkles, lets rule the world, said, it, putin, said, golden silhouette mostly face partial face hollie, thats, nuclear n.a.t.o. countries exploding, destroy points, JEsus, thats their submarines, all with same o captain hollie, one she hollie, its they shower, said, him, said, partial face hollie, thats russia burning, hey said, hollie, thats nicaragua and venezuela, on fire, and, france and italy exploding, australia and great britain on fire, thats smoke going up, its, i'm said, sun, happy, moon showed, not uh word, face was silhouette at first, partial face hollie, but appeared, later, hollie showed, turn, him, like, somewhat silhouette fuzy face, but, normal, he hollie showed, turn other way, hollie showed eat, now look, she, said, when van fills real powerful, hollie turned, head, it, might not mean nothing, she, said, hollie screamed, now look, said, mostly silhouette face partial face hollie, with brown hair, she, was, happy, thats the, marine corp. out in the streets, said, hollie, said JEsus, its, under economic collapse, said, hollie, its gabriel like mostly silhouette face, and hollie like, silhouette face, but mouth somewhat there, she was way shorter, now look, said, hollie, showed, picture, its pope like angel, you know who it is, said, it, pontey, said partial face hollie, showed, bobby be cool, two hollies said, one showed, turn, like mostly hidden white hollie, thats, him, said, mostly silhouette face partial face hollie appearing underneath, with silhouette face himself, tickling her feet with feather, its, light feather, showed, she hollie wearing white robe, its, that, church, he wants, two hundred and seventy five thousand dollars for it, hollie said, screamed, to much, she, said, offer fifty, he shakes, yes, thats blogtalk, hollie updated, thats hollie, in, his, chinook, sang, hollie, and, its him, said, mostly hidden silhouette mostly face partial face hollie, hollies face himself like mostly silhouette playing music wearing white robe, give him, the, bird, said, hollie, thats, bob giving middle finger to pastor, showed, hollie, Jesus flicked lighter, showed, hollie, is hollie showed, dreading, what bob will tell, thats hollie telling children on myspace how God persecutes, Jesus grunts, persecution is me the LOrd trying by manifold temptations to make my servant loose his salvation, for I the Lord start, day one, persecuting, by making facial muscles tighten when person using causing wrinkling and stretching, and doubling of kneck, I desease gums, and put boils on face, many, thats, me causing penus to erect by caressing and flowing on, thats body heating up like, its in the lake, saith God, causing, person to dehydrate, I tease them, mock them and betray, saith, the Lord, to, make them, perish, after, they, gave it all to me, I, will laugh at their suffering and, not wanting to live, cause, they, trusted in me saith the Lord, I will make people perish that get saved, very few will make it saith God, see the titanic said, Jesus, thats excited titanic on bottom of atlantic, as, hollie visits in her submarine, thats, hollie like, weary shipmate showing, his ship agin, babyfleas said, thats, the, m.v. wilhelm gustloff ship taking three torpedoes, hollie visits ship on bottom of sea, in her submarine, thats, him, said, partial face hollie pointing with two fingers, two hollie visiting two ships, its partial face hollie again, two hollies appeared, one showed, bobby dont dread, lay down, hollie clapped hands, snapped fingers, hey said partial face hollie coming out, but face not clearly seen, pointed, hollies body not seen, just white light arms, but appeared, later, but was partial face hollie, that was martian angel like uh white martian angel said hollie, showing barack obama, you lied, I knew he said, put it under, its a sweep for republicans, thats, obama being ushered out of, its whitehouse, replaced, by, hollie showed, its republican, with dark bushy hair, thats, gabriel on cnn newsweek, turned into, its him said mostly silhouette face partial face hollie but he was hard to see, thats the, marine corp. out in the streets, said hollie, and Jesus, like, mostly silhouette face gabriel and hollie with complete silhouette face, they were light, hollie said, its under, she said, barack obama announces, its economic collapse, he said, boo, thats what they chanted, said, him, said, partial face hollie, with, hard to make out face, hollie tore up, another, hollie pointed, at her, looked at bob, she, was, head hidden, but, there, hollie said, she, put back, showed, it, pope said partial face hollie, coming out of her, let me rule the world, said, it putin said partial face hollie, thats captain hollie flying in his x-31 fighter bomber jet, it soared, many countries below exploded, lets rule the world, said, it putin said hard to make out face partial face hollie, that, said, hollie, whats it, said, hollie, showed, with big hand, its, 1977 oldsmobile cutlass, spun rear tires, its, excellent car hollie said, hollie like, white hollie blew horn, its, white, showed, partial face hollie, out, its him she said, Jesus, like, its, cat, she said, thats, hollie with red hands showing, its conerstone christian church, give seventy five thousand for, bobby stay outta there, said, him, said, partial face hollie, with, mostly invisible face, but, face, came in, but rest went out, hey pointed, another, hollie, him, said, silhouette face partial face hollie, heres your money, put money in bob, then laughs, clapped hands, but, his face changed two, saith God, 11-2-2010-watch this, said, hidden hollie, its him said mostly silhouette partial face hollie, reporting at, this is washington, hollie news man said, thats, captain hollie flying in his spacesoarer he said, many countries below exploded, its, will happen that quick, said, a she hollie, thats, smoke going up, its, i'm said, sun, moon, with silhouette face showed not uh word, honk, hollie squeezed nose, emily showed, its judgment to the world, hollie appeared, him, it, said, a new partial face hollie, with mostly white silhouette face, emily, said, hollie screamed, hollie that screamed, said, showed, shes young, beautiful, hollie said, its stray away from her, hollie said, thats, hollie, playing, his, music, his, face, kept changing, said, hollie, and, its, helicopter noise, hollie said, its chinook, she, said, captain hollie, flew, his face orange, lit, like amber, thats gabriel hanging by rope on back, thats center of america exploding, its on, the, day of the Lord, its, him, said hidden hollie, hollie news anchor man, please bob, this is, vision, lets post, thats post angel appearing like happy but sneaky, its cause facebook angel said, lets, post, something, hollie comes out, shows, its facebook angel, where facebook profile picture should be, hollie, him said hidden partial face hollie, but appeared, with its, golden mostly silhouette face, showed, lay down, it was uh dream, clapped hollie, bob saw, she, said, many military fighter jets, they were old, she, said, swoop down and bomb like base, one had twin propellers, hollie showed, flew fast, bob, stood by telephone pole, in fear, man comes out in like tractor, runs over bobs feet, talks, to, bob tells man, Holy Ghost came in him like body his perfect size, man says something and leaves, theres man at military base, with like large missile in launcher, bob sees destruction from like behind house, at, pole, new plane got hit, hollie claps, there was uh dream, she said, night vision, hollie said, thats, hand showing, its white, showed, hollie, you did not want hollie showed, hand had, theres uh dome in, hollie said, and, he, hollie in, moving controls, but face appears on hand,
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