Jesus showed me in visions spirits that looked like people and they said: 7-26-2011-that, said, hollie, smiling, God said, that, she said, again, get your house in order, thats what doreen and hollie said, and, he hollie appears, but hollie showed, did to, thats, hollie moodie playing, its his sound, hollie said, showed, lay down, bobby I can not continue to ruin you, you are right at deaths door said Jesus, that, hollie said, its happy he hollie appearing with white clothes, that hollie said, got, its container of cookies out of, its speedway dumpster, she didnt eat, bobby, fast untill the brink of death, hollie said, he, him, its, he appeared, clapped hollie, white clothes on, that, hollie, said, she, walked at, goodwill, that, hollie said, bobby dont, get caught, hollie said, clapped, she appeared, that hollie said, i'm the beast, that she said, its pope rising, that, hollie said, theres hu hintao riding red horse, bob you are going to lay down and not git up, hollie said, that another said, white clothes on, you can not now live bob and know me saith the Lord, hollie screamed, this is uh warning, hollie said, i'm jelous saith the Lord cause you are perfect in your ways bob hickman and I cant bare when people serve me to uh t saith Jesus, bob when I tease to ruin my people, people are marred cause I cause their facial muscles to tighten when they use and desease bodies and gums making tooth loss saith Jesus, its to laugh at them for trusting me, hollie drove, its gs 1000 by suzuki she said, showed, with big hand but was not on later, you see that, bob, thats its heart pain cause I chase you to death saith Jesus, your on the brink of, its uh massive heart attach and thats bob in the hospital laying in bed, Jesus looking over, its i caused it God said, this is warning, that, its, two hollies God said, hollie showed, turn, white clothes, hollie showed, turn, looky hollie said, showed, its uh picture, pope, theres, blue background scenery, another, hollie comes out, points, that hollie said, its, the, sireen sound, that she said, its barack obama, its economic collapse, is here, said o barack hollie said, with man there, bobby this is uh warning, hollie, said, Jesus showed turn, I can do all things, hollie showed, turn, but hand not seen but was there, showed, keep going straight, i'm the m.v., thats fleas coming out, white in mouth, its, wilhelm gustloff ship, being rocked, its destroy hollie said, showed, the last one done it, thats torpedo striking and going inside ship, and exploding inside, its engine room, stamps, hollie, big hand, hollie showed, lay down, but clapped hands, got back up, golden hands, hollie laid down, but, she, clapped hands, another, said, got back up, -


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