Jesus calls this killed all day long and let me know he caused his servants to fall by wayside




THe Holy Ghost baptizm feels like a body your perfect size coming in, then Jesus himself destroys his children like JOB, if you dont beleive it: God spoke this on 10-28-2009-I caused your kneck to sag, to tempt you, I ruin your appearance every day, and, night, deseasing gums, ruining face to abase, and, embarras, I will destroy and torture, like, spiking, caressing penus with electricy till I dont care about hurting, briusing your body and heart, I do it, to laugh and, tell others you fell away, and, ask them to pray, I will torture all that get saved, some before, like destroying gums, saith Jesus, I will do it for 30 to forty years, or death, making my servant walk in circles and spin when stopped, letting them see me laughing at their crying hearts, fast untill death, saith God,

and God speaks 3-12-2008---im tempting you to sin all day every day be teasing you, carressing dick with electricity, deseasing gums, entering into heart, making wrath, stripping all desire to live for me out of heart, I make you hate me and jelous, torturing, offending, all day, heres why, i kill all day, meaning, trying to make you backslided, for no reason, im carressing your dick to make you want to sin, I want you to perish, cause I wanted to drive you out for no reason, so im glorified in what I did, im going to destroy you, walk away until my heart becomes unjelous, im jelous cause your on fire, and I like teasing my own children, fsast till the brink of death, then, spare or lava, This persecution seems to be geered at making me backslide, all day, by driving me out, stealing my desire to live for Him right out of my heart, and I saw Jesus in a vision, and he said something like, "I want your blood on my hands", o, and he has to put new hearts in me to make me recover, im just curios LOrd, why are you doing this when your Word says its not your will that any perish: Jesus: I want my servants humble in my eyes, and that is not wanting to go on-question, do you like punking me Lord, is this beccause I said no to sin and women, now im older, and not wanted, and being trashed most of the time by you, do you like punking me? Jesus: no, I want you to humble, and I wont let you fast, I torture you, beyond recovery, for no reason.-----if you read below, I must warn you, have God's permission. in a maybe a dream, I saw words like this, "they do not beleive it". persecution.....about late summer of 2005, God was saying things to me that would pierce my heart, teased, and I feel electricity flowing on my penus, sometimes feeling like oral sex, like electrical showed, hitting head, hair loss, fiery darts hitting gums and if you read down below, read what they feel like striking, and God just spoke, "im teasing". I saw the words, prod, prodding in maybe dreams, and Im going by memory, and I feel all desire to live for God drained right out of my heart, and I saw Jesus in visions and he said things like, "I want your blood on my hands, "ill strip you of your salvation if you dont stop me". this is going on and its worse then you can imagine if you read this. when I walk and even as I type, I have an electric dick, and God knows this hurts my heart. I feel it, when i walk or move, and God makes it get hard, and teases me about it. Its all here. if you dont believe, good, but, pray for may say, it takes balls to put something like this up, but, I gave God a choice, stop or, and apparently, the or was chose..........charlie rich sang, behind closed read, and you wont like the terror of being pesecuted, killed all day long, o, and in this God has me walk in circles and spin when stopped, and I bet I looked like a blur to people that saw, and I was told to spin until I collapsed, then spin on floor, spin till police come and remove, and I told the Lord, if you destroy me, you wont do it like church last night, 2-10-2008, God told me to spin, and I said, not, and he told me today, well, you just read it, spin till collapse, then roll on floor.this means up the steps walking in circles, pump gas spi9nning, and he shows me girlfriends, and people laughing at me and lets me know, at least they did what they wanted...God tole me he is doing this for no reason, to strip my salvation, kill me, slaughter, that means drive me to a place where I hate him and dont want him no more and dont want to go on----think its not bible, read title of this page..heres what God just spoke, "you are embarrassing me", and I say, you are destroying me night and day, and I told on you, and you prophesied most of this page, "you are not wanting to be killed all day long saith God, read this page and ask the Lord if yoy would want that yourself, I didnt say yes to your call Lord to be driven out all day by you for no the way, walking in circles, spinning while stopped makes you despair so bad, you dont want to go on, and God told me once that is to destroy me...........I guess im Gods sense of humor like you teasing a little dog, and God reminded me, jsut about since day one, God has killed me all day long till I quit with my mind made up to not come back, and reminded me when He got me, many times, then stopped and told me many times about this time, 'get the fuck away from me", "leave right now", I would see Jesus in visions and he would say, "abase", and look like a maniac, "God just spoke, "Im getting mad"., I would not want you to know if I tortured my little daughter, I jsut saw Jesus and he said, "dont bob", stop then, or I have nothing to loose...

...pray for me on 12-18-2007, I saw Jesus in a vision, and he yelled, "got you". I remember about late november, early december pulling up to redlight and stopping, and the it was green, so I pulled out, and then I saw it red again, so I stopped, and I was in the intersection when I stopped, if car was coming, direct hit on my door, and it was a red light camera.....

....GOd told me, "I will make you hate me so much by persecuting you that you will not be able to bear living for me". I know ask God all day, often, why are you hurting me, why are you teasing me, why are you destroying me....if you read below this, you will not beleive, but I can beleive this, what one of the apostles said, "who then can be saved", God just spoke, "Im tempting you to sin", and often teases me saying something like, "I want you to comit sin in front of those that you witnessed to", and that is this persecution, being driven out all day, killed all day, meaning, no good, not wanting to go on, and some of the things that is going on is, I fell electricity flowing on, caressing, spiking, what I use the bathroom out of, teasing, sometimes like an electrical hand holding the end of it till I anger of, something entering into heart, bringing wrath, making me hate, stripping out all desire to live for God, and even Jesus came down like a lighted man, and had a pen, and he poked a whole in my heart, and all my desire to live for God drained out, this happens all the time, I wake up in the mornings and mouth feels like it is clamped shut at times from desease, fiery darts, etc, teeth have pain, from piosonuous fiery darts taht feel like electrical pens being shot in and poison being spued out, and I see Jesus in visions, and he laughs at me and teases me telling me about people around me that they did what they wanted, and I lived for him, and he knew he was going to do this, my hair has fallen out and I feel electricty come down on head, and the LOrd just spoke and I saw him, "you gotta a abase coming".. I see Jesus in visions all the time and he says things like, "abase", and I see an eye winking at me, and this teases...

....God has told me this page embarrasses both of us, him and I< and he cant cope with it, and I told him, it should have been put up long ago, the first time, and I told God, one more, time, Ill put it on net.....if you read below this it is filled with the terror and I guess, my penalty for being batized with the Holy Ghost, and I hope you all make it to heaven, but, "who then can be saved". when I try to fast, im tortured so bad, that it is almost impossible, and God has told me something like, "I will do this until you leave", that means keep hitting me until I from the heart quit, and thru out my walk, this has happened, where God made me to quit, or threaten, then, he would stop and keep me again....., and God often makes me so mad I cant think straight, and has told me he wants that, and has pierced my heart, maybe a hundred times, meaning, threw me in rage, made my heart unhealable, and I would have to ask him to heal me, and he would, and he did this by teasing me, saying what he knew at the right time to say it, would throw me in rage, and has showed me, my mom, my retarded sister, and maybe even me, in lava, screaming.....retarded sister that has the mind of about a 6 year old. I have often wanted suicide and begged Jesus to let me die, and he showed me and maybe told me to go to my car and I saw me with a hose in my mouth, and that means, sitting in with it running and cabon monoxide killing me and I would have, and I saw, "lead me", and I was led to the door of the house. I have asked God so many times, "why do you hate me so much"....

.here is what God says right now, "im killing to keep you under my feet, you are not exalted in heart, but in revelations, Im not wanting you to backslide, but, if you will not stay, good luck to you". prophet: your making it so I cant stay, and all day hit me with this above torture and more. Jesus: im killing you all day long. prophet: do you want me in lava Lord. Jesus: im killing you all day long, for no reason, perish, or be set free, by fasting, prayer, but, I wont, because you are exalted in revelations....prophet: this is what I deal with, be set free, but you wont. God even teased me telling and maybe showing me that I tortures me while I work for him. Im often hitted till I quit in my heart, and God told me he wants me to threaten, and that is about qutting, and he enters into my heart, and somehow has the ability to make it not want to go on. I saw Jesus in a vision, and he said something like this, gentle, but, maybe smart ellic like, "I just love it when you are so mad"...

...uto here is what God spoke to me on 8-1-2007-im going to destroy you, cause, you are not needed no more, I used you till you were done and now I dont need anyone, no one can stand with me persecuting like I AM you, now, perish, you are doomed saith the LOrd, and I will mock you thru enternity cause you were number one, still are and I fought you all the way, to make you fall, by teasing, mocking, entering into heart and making rage appear, winking at you and entering into heart to anger, carressing dick, spiking it with electricity to anger, tease, saying what I know will hurt you, not helping, or keeping, to, make you undecided all day, slurring words, to anger, doing what I know will hurt you deeply, mortally, wound, for no reason, I the Lord, dont, need you, and want you to fall, embarrass you, and make you hated by all for the visions I gave you and you posted. God told me many times he will not quit until I backslide and has even told me that, after im out in the world for two months, if he misses me, then he will have no choice but to call me back and leave me alone, or I wont come back---God has told me he wants to make be backslide to embarrasss me, but, wont quench the flames of hell, or seemly make it possible for his slave, and that is all you are if you are saved, "dog" is what God told me, ......pray for me, cause God wont stop with my fasting, and prayer, and begging, etc..

...God has told me many times, that he is doing this for no reason, and that I should fast, and pray till his heart smites...Its like im a little toy taht God is torturing, teasing, mocking, hurting me in my heart all day, and im suppost to try to change his heart, and havent been able to yet, and I did fast, and paul sought about thrice to get out of something and God said somehting like, "my grace is sufficient for thee", and God has warned me that I wont let him heal me in time, so its like You the LOrd want me to perish...tell the people that read this why. persecution is torture and read if God permits now I look at it like this, If I was Jesus, there are somethings I would not want the whole world to know Home Page I remember living in my van, and it was about 9-2005-and the Lord spoke something to me that hurt me deep in my heart, made me beg most of that prayer that he do it not again......and what I found was, he did it about every day, all day, looked for a chance to do it, teased, knowing what to say to mortally wound me, meaning, make it so only he could heal my heart. Now more tortures are tached on to fullfill a vision where Jesus showed me the word, and im going by memory, "prod". That means mess with in many ways to ultimately make the servant backslided, casted out, hate the Lord, not want to serve, read this and think, no below, most are the words of the Lord......the deal was, im telling if you dont stop, and what happened was the Lord told on himself so it would not be sin.....this must fullfill when the apostles asked, "who then can be saved". read what is going on with mE-1-27-2007-please pray for me- this is what I have to go thru daily-I saw Jesus in a vision, and his gums were on fire, and I saw satan in a vision, and he had a long spear, and I saw little devils in a vision, and they were stabbing my gums over and over(once, this poisonous poke went from gum to gum to gum)-now, if allowed by God, read some of what I go thru-(the Lords explanation at the bottom)
Jesus showed me in visions spirits that looked like people and they said: 8-26-2010tomorrow said angel, thats, people marching, and protesting, holding signs, like, lit up people and, dot head, we want social security, we want our pension insurance, they chanted, thats barack obama announcing, its economic collapse, casey sprinkles, russia, she, said, thats bear arising, God game them one mind, like spinkling, destroy that, pointed Jesus, its america appearing with russian submarines all around, nuclear n.a.t.o. countries exploded, hollie soars in p-23, military aircraft bomber, he said, hollie, said, its, over, iraq, Jesus, appears, leave me, alone, thats, what, you, want, thats what, you needed, said, hollie, she said, dont, hollie, said, thats one of the seven lighted heads like dot body licking the prophet, its from, showed, hollie, at Gods interviewing table, hollie showed, turn, like, light, white, hollie, hollie showed, turn, she, said, hand like red fist, that was many hollies speaking in tongues, they act she showed, at tent revival, this is uh warning, said, hollie, brother, said, hollie, i'll tell you about, the, website, when you get home, its yola, said, hollie, and, he, saw, said, casey, showed, eat, wearing white robe, the yola ministry of dreams website like pink angelface man with deformity on, both sides of face, hollie, examines, theres big, on, one, side, and smaller, both, their brownish, hollie said, on, other, side, its blue and bigger brownish, that was hollie, flying her, b-26 peace keeper, its uh bomber, she, said, thats america below, exploding, submarines, appear all around, its on the day of the Lord, said, he hollie, both coasts, burning, smoke rising, moon changes, into, its, bobby, a, window, said, moon, for, people to, destroy you, said, Jesus, hollie like uh feline hollie, thats two submarines, its, russian, both with captain hollie, leaving their port, thats them planted there, said, hollie, in cuban, nicaraguan, mexican waters, now bobby, watch, jsut wait, said, Jesus, thats, hollie inspects mega church, dreads, walks, in, with book, man tells her, about classroom, in class room, hollie tells about book, they all, said, hollie, check it out, some, purchase, man, said, hollie grunts, lets see that, hollie, said, its, the Ministry of Dreams, like angel face head, theres deformity on both sides of face, its multi, said, hollie, theres green and blue on one side, and green and blue on other, call it, said, angel, showed, the ministry of dreams, said, hollie, thats, Jesus speaking, say, said, Jesus, ministry of dreams, is, trademarked, me the Lord, steal or alter in any way, then I the Lord will git ya, and make you remove, mocked, openly, saith the King, she said, lets go home, and lay down, another, hollie said, that was, hollie, surfacing, and china burning, from, its showed, hollie, three ohio class submarines, all with captain, hollie, hey, pointed, hollie, its, him, the cnn newsman, in, the sub, its, multi tasked he said, then appears at reporting desk, looking good, hollie said, showed, hollie riding missile, its, into over taiwan, hollie, said, which errupted into flames, hu hintao, battles washington state with his light sword, its light colored, like, a whitish green, hollie fights back with blue sword, another, hollie flys out, in, old, airplane, its, b-29 bomber, bombs, chinese ship, there you have it, said, hollie, hollie showed, message, its not clear, she, said, hard to understand, thats, reproduction in action, hollie showed, woman, and, its bob, they make little hollie, its he hollie, hollie showed, hard core pawn, its american jewelry and loan, hollie showed, lay down, hollie snapped fingers, showed, learn how to play guitar, boom said, hollie, in her tank, its old world war two tank, she, said, the center of america exploded, submarines appeared all around, its on the day of the Lord, said, its, him, a she, hollie said, with, not, all her face there, but appeared, said, God,

Jesus mocks me in vision and God told me I was perfect-12-22-2010-in this vision I saw JEsus and he said like a smart ellic, something like, "thank you for living for me and letting be betray you since from day one", and in other visions, I saw the Father, and he was like white face man, and he was telling me to cry out to him, and I have, but he only laughed at me, and Jesus told me in a vision that I can not live and know Him, and in another, told me basically to prepare for my funeral.

Jesus does not want you to know what he is like-vision received about 12-22-2010-in this vision I saw Jesus, and he said, and maybe pointed, "take this down", and it was the mother persecution home page.

visions recieved in about december 2010-many times I saw Jesus in visions, and he would say things like, "you done well bob untill iniquity was found in you, I will cause you to commit sin.

Jesus showed me in visions spirits that looked like people and they said: 10-9-2011-I showed turn, hollie said, hey another said, God said, her head went round, hollie appeared, showed, its, i'm the beast, pope said, like, its Gods new hammo, hollie said, put it under, hollie showed zip your lip, bob its tonight, bob he knows, its angel lopez, who you are, and, its, afraid, but you are not telling, angel said, put it under, hollie showed, zip your lip to him, thats, its lasar surgery, its I got old, hollie said, God said, but, stripped it right away, God said, put it under, bob its not worth it, she said, bob, God said, just wait, Jesus showed, janette will come to you, thats you seeing her, and, shes, its fat now hollie said, but, you love it, and laugh, but she doesnt care, she will, in time, loose, but its to keep you, thats bob, having, its lasar surgery, do, hollie said, bob, but, God said, I wont, want it, but, Jesus, his face, hollie said, just went light, it will, save you, and make you happy again, put it under, thats janette wanting it to, but, thats bob pastoring, at his own church, hollie showed, its pink floyd, they, hollie said, laughs, but, still tourin, its now, only, the lead singer, the broke apart, split hollie said, put it under, hollie said, hollie showed, its, slapt one on other, showed, its, styx, she said, your still tourin, hollie said, its, dennis, me, dennis deyoung said, its, his voice,

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