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tumblr world 12-8-2010-this is warning, said, it hollie, and partial face comes out, said, it, God, she said, but, faces changing, showed, partial face, Jesus, said, you need to let me, said, hollie, looking tired, showed, record, wearing, its white plad coat, hollie stamps, thats beast pope rising, thats, pontey, said, hollie, riding, black horse, its, into, said, another, thats, hand, stamping, with arm, hollie comes out, grabs hand, its hollies but she didnt dress that way, prophet dont look for flash drives, just go, hollie said, she said, hollie said, with golden face, white robe, she showed, bobby feed them, hollie, said, showed, get food, out of, its dumpster said hollie, kind of disappeared, but stamps, and is there again God said, christian dont put me down said, it, hollie said, mostly unseen hollie, but, she was, mostly there, I've got uh warning, said, it, angel, said, mostly unseen hollie, but, partial face comes out, points, lighted finger, her face started appearing, hollie showed, turn, thats him, said, mostly unseen hollie, that was, Jesus the Father climbing out of mary, said, it, said, mostly unseen hollie, was, another, hollie, God made himself a body, he was Christ, hollie and Jesus said, put it under, hollie said, she, appeared, but had like golden garment on head, thats, your friend, she said, robert looking at, I agree, he said, that was the sixth seal, opening, and, smoke rising, up, said, it, hollie said, mostly unseen hollie, thats moon and his, he looked down said, hollie, its said, moon, i'm, sun appears happy, then both sit at, its at Gods interviewing table, thats old moon dressed nice with big nose, wearing suit but he appeared on moons face, thats said, hollie, its said mostly unseen hollie, submarines all around, america, both coasts burn, its on the day of the LOrd, said, hollie, he got raised up, by, its chinook, hollie, said, flown by gabriel, thats nuclear fire, in, its center of america, thats, tap dancers, hollie said, its, me, she said, but, its said mostly unseen hollie, pope, another, hollie said, was there, but not happy, its boo chanted hollie, screamed but never made uh word, hollie said, another, hollie comes out, pointed, bobby said, it hollie said, mostly unseen hollie, hollie rode, the, missile, its into alaska first, she said, partial face comes out, points, hollies face was round, golden colored, alaska exploded, this is, warning, said, hollie, it collapsed, hollie said, its the american economy, thats, people, we march, man, said, its, over, that, he, said, like, dot head, wearing, its red plad coat, hollie showed, thats hollie like uh silhouette face, said another, hollie tap dancing, its him, said, partial face, thats, hollie playing his music but he changed into, the same hollie, with, silhouette face, prophet hickman this is warning, that is what Jesus said, hollie said, mostly unseen appears but her face there, it, golden, said, a new hollie, like the main, bob, said, hollie, showed, drink, get more, she, said, lets hit alaska, said, my angel, hollie screamed, hollie screamed, she, said, hollie, said, with, uh golden face, sang many hollies, its him, she said, playing his, sound, she, said, you wanted something he said, he wore white robe, hollie, pointed, up, a, said, she hollie, its, him, she said, showed, it, said, mostly unseen hollie, Jesus came, thats, happy God, thats partial face showing, its high in air, world below has face, countries exploding, thats submarines with captain hollie, their captain said she hollie, hey said, its him said mostly unseen hollie, thats, them both sitting at, its Gods interviewing table, hollie stamps, its, their brothers, scene spins, hollie showed, lay down, bob, said, it, hollie, said, mostly unseen hollie, showed, its, pope, had lighted bear paws, he spoke but bob didnt hear,
12-30-2009-hollie showed, lets post something, said, Jesus, its the g8, said, hollie, the, beast, hollie showed, record, thats, pontiff, saw, hollie, riding, the, black, horse, its into, russia, pope, said, flatter me, he, said, thats, pontiff, signing, uh, deal, its, with me, said, medvedev, hollie, showed, record, that, said, hollie, and, that, she, pointed, I dont want that no more, said, hollie, hollie screamed, again, this is uh warning, said, hollie, hollie, showed, record, showed, hollie sat at new wineskin ministries, with coat on brown, hollie showed, turn, thats, hollie with megaphone, hollie looks out, this is not website talking, this is hollie talking, for, the website, tap dancing, and, clapping, this the website, post, clapped, the, tap dancer, said, hollie, and, that, pointed, hollie, its, the, prophecies center website, tap dancing, it was hollie acting like, the prophecies center, website, said, hollie, thats, the prophecies center website, with face, like, partial or full silhouette, that, was, hollie, in, homemade submarine, dived, o, said, wilhelm gustloff, ship, hollie fired missiles, thats the world, shaking, and, many countries on fire, it, appeared said, hollie, pope rises in dark, thats sun and moon, sun, dormant, moon, shows, not a word, then laughs, like sun, thats sun showing fed up, that was the main, showing, record, stop it, said, hollie, write the vision, make it plain, said, hollie, wore coat outside, as you can see, I bundled up, hollie, said, walked, snow blew, this is vision, lets post, we can not do, it, said, hollie, thats hollie, typeing, using, lots of commas, they are, not, caring, about, Ministry of Dreams, up at, hand of help, they just want to be saVED, like you do, and everybody else, said, hollie, and hollie plays music, what was hollies word, said, hollie, with, the leave it alone, said, hollie, sandy appears, this is vision, lets post, some stuff, said, hollie, thats double bladder, said, hollie, its copter flown by gabriel, hes arch, said, hollie, showed, light body, then dressed like warrior, in golden, warrior clothes, that was not clothes, said, hollie, more like golden armour, hollie showed, lets do someting, not just walk, said, hollie, posts, its on, the beep, hollie, said, had ministry of dreams at top, and, post angel, shows, call it ministry of dreams, Jesus, said, you steal, said, hollie, thats the thieves of the God spoken ministry of dreams, said, hollie, running for their lives, being, exposed, hollie, new hollie, dressed like king, in white attire, then face normal, i'll ruin, she, said, please, please, sang, hollie, rose, this is warning, clappped, hollie, thats people looting, its, during, economic collapse, said, Jesus, new revelation said, hollie, thats great britain, they want people seeking the Holy Ghost for their economy, said, hollie, pope, said, hollie, thats him riding, black horse, I am the idol shepherd, said, happy pope, you want it, said, hollie, flying copter, gabriel hangs by rope, hollie dances, thats the first hollie showed, he, transformed, thats, hollie showed, said, hollie, tap dancing, hollie, showed, the apostolic fire man, on, the beep, hollie posts, visions, on, that, page, thats, page, popping up on internet, hollie shows, the titanic, with big white hand, with captain smith on deck, rubbing against ice berg, its sinks, thats titanic, still on, the, bottom of ocean, hollie, with face, hidden, pulled up, sleeves, showed, its war, she, said, that was the new world order, tap dancing, come on, said, hollie, with bad attitude, theres hu, pointed, hollie, hes, she, said, false prophet, theres putin, thats, hollie thought, time, the antichrist, thats pope coming out of putin, and putin, out of medvedev, and yeltsin, thats yeltsin out of, the ten russian rulers, hollie shows, ten horns, hollie had a watch, on, lets, do something, she, said, showed, watch, its light watch, its, time, hollie, said, whose the beast, said, putin, with warning sireen, sandy wipes lips, it was simb, she, said, its, me, said, putin, thats the dragon with, seven heads and ten horns, said, hollie, thats kings, appearing, on, the, heads, thats lighted head with, putin, popping, out, that is, uh woman riding it, said, hollie, tap dancing, its bush, with dress, they, that, was, lighted head, with, im russia, said, putin, it was, not, the, g8, said, hollie, its the g8, hollie, said, thats hollie posting, on exactpages, theres putin popping out, thats nuclear n.a.t.o. kings coming out of heads, aw, one, sang, hollie conducts, the seven heads, theres, its the king of, hollie, said, theres, thats putin, with, three ribs, in, mouth, and, who are these, said, hollie, theres cuba, nicaragua, mexico, those four kings appear with putin, thats missile flying, exploding in america, and rockets leave, america striking cuba, hollie points, that, three nuclear fires in cuba, thats nicaragua burning, venezuela and brazil on fire, thats, hey i'll place it there, said, hollie, nuclear fires, in, latin america and mexico, and rockets leaving their waters, hollie points, nuclear fireballs in gulf coast state, I got uh warning, said, hollie, thats, ministry of dreams, appearing, its showed, hollie, the ministry of dreams dotfreeservers dot com website number one again, with, ministry of dreams dot zero catch behind, that, was, hollie, showing, come on, then, showed, wait, and, hegoat smote ram, hollie pulled up sleeves, showed, its war, she, said, thats ram with putins face, and hintao, and, putin, out of horns, thats pontiff, as hegoat, with, ram horns, smiting, thats nuclear fire in china, then rockets leave china, thats, explosion in russia, THEY exchange, said, hollie, thats two horned, beast, with hintao and japan, coming out of horns, they sign peace treaty with pope, 666, worship, the pope, said, hu hintao, i am God, said, pope, sitting in rome, people talk, laugh, whats that, said, hollie, its submarines all around america, with the submarine sound, one fires, thats explosion in california, hollie claps, watching on, cnn, thats hollie news anchor man, and both american coasts, exploded, hollie points, thats copter flown by, its, your angel again, said, hollie, gabriel, thats, hollie lowered on rope, thats explosion in canada, then whole american center exploded, hollie posted on laptop, hollie showed, no, she, said, dont do it,
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