rapture time for chrisitans, rapture of the church

10-21-2010-boo chanted, him, said, its, showed, another, hollie, like white hollie, partial face hollie, with, theres uh golden, glow, a, nother, hollie, said, hollie showed, ya, bob, I, wanted, you, to, record, hollie, said, wearing, blue plad shirt, and, I, stamp, hollie, said, its, the, new world, order, black stagecoach, coming, out, with, theres, the, pope, and, hu, hollie pointed, with lighted finger, pope like angel dot head, theres hu hintao on, the, red, side, hes, showed, false prophet, thats hollie, showing, get, food, out, of, it, scene spins, dumpsters, she, said, put it under, hollie, said, wearing, its red plad coat, thats, beast, pope running out, you know who I, am, its pope, hollie, said, I am gog, he, said, stamps, hollie cries, thats scene spinning, thats, hu, hintao, appearing, its, i'm the, false beast, he, said, hollie stamps, wearing, its blue plad shirt, scene spins, hollie showed, record, wearing blue plad shirt, thats partial face hollie coming out with all face there, showing bob feed, she, said, fed animals, its the new ministry of dreams, said, hollie, i'm formspring, website said, like angelman, its o, said, hollie, she, came out, hand over, mouth, theres, its, deformed, hollie, said, thats blue coming down on one side, theres spec, its brown, hollie and Jesus, said, on other side its, white with brown spec, but other brown specs appeared, but, faded, i'm the formspring, website, said, showed, stamped, I'm the new, ministry of dreams, God spoke, the formspring ministryofdreams website angelman said, brianna, said, it, angel, said, partial face hollie, there was golden glow, showed, thats it, she, said, its, the, ship stockholm, its now renamed, thats ship stockholm, ramming the, its andria doria, hollie said, scene spins, they waste, hollie, said, that ship is still being used, thats people building and doing things, its running out of natural resources, said, hollie, showed, the world, thats why, Jesus has to take control, she, said, its, france, said, hollie, with nuclear fireball in, thats him, she hollie said, two captain hollies firing from thier submarines, it, hollie, said, i'm the g8, her and putin, said, its, the, beast, she, said, rising, thats, the, seven headed dragon, angry, theres one head wounded to death, but pope came out, it, thats him being, slashed, by, its, hu hintao, said, hollie, scene spins, i'm the false prophet, he, said, he said, thats it, said, hollie, i'm grecia, said, angel, thats, its, pope, hollie said, with hegoat horns, theres ram with same horns, hollie shows, thats kings coming out, a he hollie appears underneath, with his light feather, tickles her feet, another, hollie puts hand over, mouth, hollie wore dress, but she was dim, hollie said, boo, chanted, him, said, partial face hollie, thats hands, they were amber, showing, its tear up, said, hollie, with amber hands, hollie put back, another, hollie comes out, its o, she, said, hand over mouth, shook, yes, looked at bob, changed into him, she, submarine right there, showed, hollie, now look, she, said, captain hollie surfaced, its akula again, hollie said, thats, what, you, wanted, need, she, said, now look, captain hollie said, fired missiles, thats gaza and iraq on fire, hollie takes chicken eating bush to microphone, its I made our war, he said, ate his chicken, its to breakem, steal our oil wells contracts, he said, hollie takes him eating, to fire, hollie showed, record, lay down, wearing blue shirt, bobby, said, hollie, i showed, pope, he said, I aint your reason, its popey, hollie said, in picture, like lit angel, its e-news, hollie showed, its, show, thats, hand with, its uh dome inside, said, hollie, with him, said partial face hollie, inside, showing, you did not want hollie showed, hollie showed, him, said partial face hollie, he snapped fingers, showed, pope, he said, its uh picture, hollie wore white robe, let me rule the world, said, putin laying before, captain hollie soars, in his swedish fighter jet, its like that, said, hollie, the f-18 hornet, drops bomb, america below exploded, submarines appeared all around, its on the day of the Lord, said, its him, said partial face hollie, wearing suit, hollie raised fist up, its o, said, another, hollie, came out, wearing, its uh burgandy sweatshirt, partial face hollie, appears, had golden blow, hollies body hidden, but dimly faded in, made big fist, thats bobs picture popping up on most, of, his websites, thats blueface, hes looking at bobs picture all over the place, said, hollie, another, hollie comes out, its she said, she wore burgandy sweatshirt, hollie snapped fingers, sitting in chair, at, new wineskin ministries, looked at bob, like, white angel hollie, 1-3-2010-now, look, said, hollie, I showed you uh picture, she, said, some one rode the black horse, hollie, showed, record, hollie said, who could it be, she, said, pope, hollie, said, pope hollie said, im the beast, said, pontiff, pope, said, hollie, thats him sittin in rome, she, said, I am God, pope, said, thats person talking, they laugh, pope, said, hollie, i am the antichrist, he said, put it under, said, hollie, dont trust, that pope, appeared, hollie, sums, hollie showed, its oldsmobile delta 88, spun tires, hollie thought, it was 1968 she said, this is uh warning, said, hollie, showed, what was the pope riding, said, hollie, its, the, black horse, she, said, hollie drove the wrecker, showed, its titanic, hollie had big hand, yellow, thats, titanic, scraping iceberg with smith on deck, it sinks, hollie, said, submarines, are, right there, said, hollie, with, its, submarine somby, said, sandy, now, look, said, hollie, thats, submarines, all around, america, one fires, thats, nuclear explosion, in, california, hollie, claps, watching on cnn, then, hollie news anchor man, appears, he transformed, both american coasts exploded, thats hollie lowered by rope, thats gabriel flying copter, showed, hollie, thats nuclear explosion in canada, then whole american center exploded, world shakes, wait uh minute, said, hollie, hollie, showed, turn, hollie, said, work, wiped face, this is uh warning, said, hollie, showed, vitamins, take, she, said, hollie showed, the, rocky horror picture show, it makes fags, hollie, said, hollie screamed, again, im just uh vision I cant do one thing, said, hollie, that was satan, said, hollie, but he looked like uh fire face, sh, said, hollie, then he changed into, she, said, hollie, the LOrd, hollie, showed, quit calling him, lucifer, hollie, said, sh, no, said, hollie, i showed om thru, she, said, but, shook, yes, then, thru, you need to record, said, hollie, hollie with Jesus inside, showed, record, its over, pointed, white God man, theres uh submarine right there, pointed, hollie, with submarine sound, its akula agin, thats what you want, needed, said, hollie, now look, said, hollie, he open fired, thats, gaza, on fire, hollie turns, aims, iraq burns, lets breakem, stealem, said, bush, oil wells appeared, left, he will embarras you if you keep betraying him, backslide and I will drive you to suicide, saith the LOrd, by torturing, bob you can even open your mouth without it ripping from me tightening facial muscles, loose that hair, wrinkle, saith God, to be abased, i will not let you live saved, I am going bob to make you perish, I have said said rip your heart, to make you embarrased,
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