do it like the bible says and God himself tries to make you ruint and perish like he did JOB and make his live like that

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  • prophecy xomba

  • the Spirit is willing-visions recieved 10-22-2007-in visions, I saw maybe various hollies, and they said things like, record me, one hollie show pen, and one hit recorder, and there was more.
    go-visions recieved 10-22-2007-I saw hollie with a big lighted hand, and she showed, turn, four times, north, south, east, west, and once pointed up.
    JEsus sings visions-visions recieved 10-22-2007-in visions, I saw ministering spirits like Jesus and hollie, and here is what was sang, "raise your mantle and repeat after me". Jesus sang, and then hollie, and or if, and here is more of what they and more told, "russia is the beast with seven heads and ten horns, and that my pope, and hu is the false prophet".

    record the vision-vision recieved 10-2007-in this vision, I saw hollie, and she was showing to record, and hollie showed, and hollie like a bear, with the popes face coming out, thats russia, said, hollie, otyre.
    the beast like an angel of light-vision recieved 10-2007-in this vision, I saw the pope like a white spirit man, and he was riding, the black horse.
    revelations of the false prophet-visions recieved 10-2007-in this vision, I saw hu hintao and he was riding the red horse, and I saw taiwan explode, and the pope and hu sign for 666, and I saw otyre and magog, that is china and russia.

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