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  • 12-15-2009-hollie said, post, hollie screamed, showed, hard drive, update, thats, hollie, updating, showed, ship, hollie, said, o, said, the wilhelm gustoff ship, I waited, ship, said, theres little submarine, wilhelm gustloff ship, said, with hollie in, golden hollie, visits the m.v., hollie, said, bangs, hand, shows, the m.s. wilhelm gustloff, ship just waits, o, ship, said, thats, hollie, working with bravenet guest map, thats, pope, riding black horse, hollie, posts, on, its laptop, hollie, said, thats, pope, hollie, said, riding, the black horse, hollie, said, thats, pope, in, dark carriage, pulled by, angry, black horse, thats hu hintao on red horse, hollie rides, the rocket, said, JEsus, there, points, hollie, it goes into taiwan, hollie, said, exploded, thats, hu hintao, lets about face, said, hintao, thats china attacking washington state, its, uh, little war, hollie, said, explosion, thats, barack obama, with, ear thing, in, white angel hollie claps, barack types, thats, captain, hollie, in, three ohio class subs, thats, rockets, showering, china, with, trident missiles, hollie, shows, nuclear fires, in, like, uh circle, thats, putin, and, medvedev looking at each other, hollie, showed, turn, russia, is, said, Jesus, hollie sprinkles, bear, arises, thats, destroy, said, hollie, thats, many, rockets, leaving, russia, and, thats, nuclear n.a.t.o. countries, burning, thats rockets leaving, them, and, russia exploding, thats, hollie, hanging from rope, copter flown by, you know who, said, hollie, its gabriel, and, submarines all around, america, one, fires, thats, nuclear explosion, dumitru duduman, shows, in, california, hollie claps watching it on, she, said, cnn, then, hollie looks from high in air, thats all subs firing, both, american, coasts, exploded, hollie, on, rope, copter, flown, by, gabriel, tips hat, thats, dropping bomb in, canada, exploded, then, whole american center exploded, thats, hollie flying his spacecraft, its f-22, hollie, showed, turn, thats man punching silvio berlusconi, and thats silvio wearing marines uniform, and, italian soldiers, children going to iraq, said, hollie, dying, be slaughtered, dont feel sorry for, its murderer, said, hollie, yea I knew, said, silvio berlusconi, when the marine corp. is out in the streets, said, hollie, and, Jesus, thats angel, marines, both, with partial silhouette faces, in, streets, u.s.a., last sign, bobby its started, said, Jesus, thats, hollie, like, vampire, its, uh, dont git me out, said, hollie, its, uh, sireen, she, said, hollie, showed, record, showed, Ebenezer Scrooge, its still loved, o, said, wilhelm gustloff ship, let me, look, at, that, hollie, showed, eatprophecy, bob start from, that, said, hollie, thats, the, beast, with, seven heads, and, ten horns, with pope in middle, thats, one, of, the, heads, singing, aw, hollie, conducts, taps stick, shows, meat loaf tape, back into hell, another warning, said, hollie, thats one of the, seven heads singing, thats smoke rising, blocking sun and moon, its, sixth seal, said, hollie, thats america below exploding, sun gets happy, with smoke rising, moon, shows, not a word, he told me, said, moon, Jesus, there, hollie out of fan, bob, said, hollie, showed, popes, picture, thats, bear licking, prophet, hollie, sprinkles, bear arises, Jesus, tells, devour, thats, souls leaving, world, thats, grim reaper, collecting, and, countries exploding, thats rockets sailing, striking, its, russia, exploded, thats, said, hollie, pointed, moon talking, attacking, bob, it was uh dream, said, hollie, showed, dream world, words, it appeared, said, hollie, bob, is, at, womans, house, woman, has, two babies with no arm, bob, prays, both babies arms grow, bob, lays down in bedroom, there, but, finally gets up, talks with woman,

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