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-prophetic blog

1-5-2010-hollie shows, explains, she, said, its, prayer for uh fee, thats, hollie looking at letters, taking out money, brother, said, hollie, thats hollie, showing, record, stamps, hand, shows, thats beating, she, said, thats, the, beast, hollie, said, like, dragon, serpent, she, said, thats, the, reason, said, hollie, thats, the, main ministering spirit, showing, record, bobby, dont lust them, said, hollie, its, hooters, she, said, pretty girls, they shit, hollie, said, hollie, showed, stereo receiver, it, she, said, is, pioneer sx-980, its, in, demand, hollie, said, worth about 500, she, said, sell, bobby, said, hollie, bob hickman, that, said, hollie, Jesus, said, thats hollie peeling out, she, said, its in, 1970 ford boss 302 mustang, thats one spinning rear tires, hollie played the music, said, hollie, thats, Ministry of Dreams, said, hollie, put it on the beep, she, said, that, link would go to number one, bobby, said, Jesus, tell the vision, said, hollie, showed, flash drive, plugged into computer, updated, thats computers going out, its from missile, said, hollie, a missile striking sattelite, many, being struck, from, rockets, there from, hollie, said, its, u.s.a., said, putin, tap dancing, its, right before, we, strike, vladimir, said, thats rockets leaving russia and bear coming out, Jesus sprinkles, thats nuclear n.a.t.o. countries on fire, rockets from them exploding in russia, burns, thats world shaking, thats submarines all around america, its akula agin, thats, what you want, said, hollie, claps, stomps foot, snaps finger, thats nuclear explosion in, california, thats dumitru duduman, he prophesied hollie, said, thats the angel gabriel telling dumitru duduman what to say, thats both american coasts, exploding, thats rockets from all those subs, and hollie cnn news anchor man, this is news break, he, said, smiles, thats, hollie lowered on rope, copter flown by gabriel, hollie, claps, thats nuclear explosion in canada, then, in, america, center exploded, thats barack typeing, thats minuteman 111 rockets lifting off, that, pointed, hollie, some exploded near silo, thats ohio class submarines, firing, thats, many explosions in russia, that, said, hollie, world, shakes, thats, pointed, hollie, sun, and moon, he aint gonna let me, said, moon, shows, cant speak, sun, face appears, laughs, then, both play, laugh, moon acts serious, laughs, world shakes, then, up rises, three kings, said, Jesus, hey bobby, and, who are they, said, hollie, theres pope, hollie, said, hes the antichrist, theres hu hintao, hes false prophet, thats red horse, im the rider, said, hu, thats emporer of japan, and, slash, pontiff, appears, there you have it, said, hollie, and hollie sums, let me see here, said, hollie, that, said, hollie, in america, that, hollie, said, thats missiles leaving russia, alaska exploding first, that, said, hollie, then, america burns, world shakes, that, said, hollie, thats uh cat, said, hollie, flying, its your leopard, hollie, said, thats, kings, heads, popping, out, theres, china, japan, both koreas, hollie, shows, leopard, aw, sang, one of the, seven heads, thats them appearing, kings, popping, out, write the vision, hollie, said, theres, cuba, hollie, saw, three nuclear fires, in, cuba, and rockets, leave their waters, strike america, gulf states, thats rockets leaving america striking venezuela and brazil, nicaragua burns, thats rockets leaving their waters striking america, exploded, hey said, hollie, i'll place it there, she, said, nuclear fires in, mexico, and latin america, world shakes, thats france on fire, thats australia and britain exploding, thats captain, hollie, in submarines, firing, thats russia exploding, they shower, said, hollie, thats, italy exploding, and, rocket from italy exploding in russia, thats pope in dark smokey sky, bobby we want you, said, sun, lay down, like sun showed, show the beast bobby, said, hollie, its, hollie shows, putin, his head coming out of dragon, pope out of putin, and, putin, out of, medvedev, and, yeltsin, thats yeltsin coming out of, its politburo, said, hollie, showed, ten kings out of russia, its nuclear n.a.t.o. said, hollie, seven nuclear countries that make up the n.a.t.o., hollie shows, little model fighter jet, they go, hollie, said, thats one taking off, about, hollie looks, at Jesus, forty miles per hour, thats, said, hollie, nuclear fire in, africa, and rockets leave african nations, and, strike, many countries, exploded, hollie, showed, record, im uh vision, said, hollie, I can not do one thing, hollie, said, and, hollie, shows, frustration, thats world war two, said, hollie, showed, old planes flying, thats, america and old planes, flying, out, to, repell chinese forces, heres why, cause, america is bankrupt, will be like propeller planes dropping little bombs, that ship just exploded, get your bible out, said, hollie, horse, she, said, thats pope riding black horse, its, into, russia, pontiff, said, thats, deal, hollie, said, with medvedev, he gains control, hollie, said, that is pontiff sitting in temple, its in rome, showed, hollie, i am God, pontiff, said, people, laugh, him to scorn, hollie, showed, record, and, I stamped, she, said, pope rose, hollie, showed, lay down, what did, what did the tap dancer say, said, hollie, showed, lay down, bobby, said, hollie, and, another, hollie, shows, popes picture, im just a vision, I cant post, said, hollie, that, was, red, horse, said, hollie, tell me about the red horse, hollie, said, its, over, taiwan, said, hollie, playing, music, thats, hollie on missile, taiwan, exploded, thats, hu on red horse, battling washington state, with sword, repelled, said, hollie, war ends, thats putin and medvedev, looking at each other, putin, smiles, shows, popes image tattood on finger, medvedev presses nuclear button, thats hundreds of rockets leaving russia, and, russian submarines, many countries explode, hollie shows, world, spins, russia, said Jesus, that is, said, hollie, two horned beast, with, hu hintao, and japan, coming, out of, horns, hollie, pulls back sleeves, come on, she, said, thats, nuclear explosion, in, its china, thats chinese forces invading russia, destroyed, thats hegoat smiting ram, thats ram with putins face, thats putin and medvedev, and pope, hollie, said, out of same horn, thats pope like hegoat, thats pontiff telling medvedev, drive them outta there, then they, thats rockets going both ways, nuclear explosions, in both countries, then, they sign, peace treaty, there, said, hollie, at table, 666, it appeared, said, hollie, no, said, hollie, but, he, showed, yes, then, Lord im thru, away with it, he, said, but, shook, yes, I turned around, he, said, clapped, showed, popes picture, tear up, and restore, hey, not the right way, said, hollie, thats hintao, appearing, with, pope, in picture, hollie relaxes, there you have it, she, said, both beasts, bob, said, hollie, showed, time, bangs hand, pope rises, im, the, beast, said, pontiff, riding black horse, im uh vision, I cant post, said, hollie, that, she, said, at, licence branch, that, hollie, said, Jesus came, that, hollie, said, world below, that, explosions in many countries, hollie points, hollie showed, the credit card, hollie said, dont worry, im back, said, hollie, smiling, hollie screamed, again, why for, she, said, hollie, showed, turn, tear up, put back, rip, said, hollie, pope, hollie, said, this is uh warning, said, hollie, showed, ethanol, its flex fuel, dont use, she, said, only for top, off, hollie pumped fuel, that, said, hollie, its uh new fighter jet, she, said, its pilot less, effective, its uh killer, stealth, hollie, said, bear licks the prophet, it, was polar bear, said, hollie,

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